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Manage your daily life with myPortablePIM Torrent Download. The latest version of the program has a new look and enhanced productivity features. Accommodate your sensitive information with its password protection, send and receive any type of files via Bluetooth and check the weather with more details. Also, launch different apps from a single icon. – Easy to start and use: Add reminders, set alarms, manage tasks, set a password, add contacts and more. – Plan your day with the Weekly Planner: View all your plans, make new ones and customize them. – Get the latest news by accessing social networks: Share photos, videos and text from any application. – Browse the web with a single click: Check the weather or open a specific page in your web browser. – Get more from your portable: Keep your documents, chats, passwords and many other items in your pocket. Key Features: – No Internet connection is required. – Simply exchange files with other apps over Bluetooth. – Share folders and files with anyone via Bluetooth. – Switch to a wide range of different desktops and organize your content according to your needs. – Use the calendar to plan your day. – Take notes in the Freeform Note function and manage them in one of myPortablePIM Free Download’s compatible folders. – Quickly add people from your address book and add notes to them. – Easily control programs using the dedicated app and desktop buttons. – Access your info quickly by customizing the data and quick access list (QAL) view. – Use the backup function to restore your data in case of system problems. – Change the theme and design of myPortablePIM Serial Key according to your needs. – Add your own icons, change the look and feel of the program and protect your notes with a password. – Disable windows and close the app by using the option menu or the shortcut key. – Load and export your personal data, such as passwords, notes, credit card data, etc. from your SD card to protect it on any device. What’s New in the Version * Support for iOS 13 and iPadOS. * Fixes a system stability issue. * Fixes the ability to exit the app. * Fixes the ability to drag icons into apps in the home screen. What’s New in the Version * Fixes the crashes that could occur when closing the

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Record your thoughts, manage to-do lists, and have a great time. I know a great time is an understatement in your life. MyPortablePIM is a simple to use app for scheduling tasks and planning dates, composing text messages, taking notes, storing passwords and sensitive data, adding contacts, viewing the news, and checking the weather. “X” and “O” keys are your best friends. With just a click of your finger, you can snap to the desktops to put up apps, see the apps dock, or jump back to the home screen. If you miss an appointment or lose your keys, you can dictate text, create reminders or make notes without requiring a computer. I saved your wish list for your quick reference! As well as, you can do fun things like play games, earn points for suggestions, and get notified about actions of your friends. Maybe you want to have your favorite photo as the wallpaper or find out which of your contacts are using the app and check their recent activity. You can change your icon, lock the device, and input your password to find out what’s in your pocket. Note: All features need to be activated separately by a purchase. Features such as daily or weekly history, wireless sync, and lock screen widget are excluded from the trial period. myPortablePIM Features: Quickly schedule, compose, and send messages • Schedule a meeting, make a note, or compose a text message in two taps • Manage your daily schedule and to-do lists in one window • Quickly check the weather and plan your day Keep track of important events • Plan a meeting for later, invite your contacts, set reminders, and more • Go back to the desktop to check your headlines, weather, or more • When it’s time for you to plan, check, and prepare, MyPortablePIM is your best bet. Secure notes and data with your own password • While writing or taking notes, you can secure your information with your own password • Use the password to find out who made or sent the notes • The password allows you to view your notes, access your email, and more • To make notes even more secure, encrypt your notes with your password Available from us: • Simultaneous 2 desktops • 6 skins • 9 wallpapers • 4 dock widgets • Wireless sync • Search for applications • Support direct communication

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Organize your life from any device MyPortablePIM is a simple to use application that will help you organize your day. It’s a powerful personal information manager designed to help you efficiently manage your life with its intelligent reminders, to-do, and note-taking features. With myPortablePIM, no matter what type of device you use, you can store your personal information and quickly access your notes at any time. myPortablePIM Features: Intelligent reminders and to-do lists – MyPortablePIM is the world’s only all-in-one to do list manager and reminder manager. It will help you quickly schedule your daily tasks, like meals, appointments, phone calls, and meetings. – Create smart reminders based on a range of different parameters, such as a certain time, dates, brands, and more. You can also add social networking icons to the tips to make them even more personal. – Use the intuitive calendar to schedule meetings and plan your agenda. Create as many holidays and recurring events as you want. – MyPortablePIM can be easily customized to match your lifestyle needs. From the calendar to the address book, you will always find everything you need in a clean, neat, and organized layout. – Manage your personal information – Make the most of the features and smart actions available in MyPortablePIM. Store and access your passwords, contacts, birthdays, and other personal data. – Manage your day with smart alarms – Whether you’re a night owl or a morning person, MyPortablePIM can help you wake up on time with its alarm clock. Set up multiple alarms, choose the exact time and date you want, and decide which option you want to trigger in the morning, like email, a phone call, or a short message. – Schedule daily, weekly, and monthly repeats – With a handy and flexible scheduling utility, MyPortablePIM helps you plan your daily and weekly schedule and will take care of repeating tasks based on a range of different parameters, including holidays, events, certain dates, and recurring periods. – Write notes that will be neatly archived – Make the most of MyPortablePIM’s note taking and note-taking tools. Simply type or dictate your notes right from the calendar, and they will be stored in MyPortablePIM’s advanced note editor. – Quickly access your notes and reminders –

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Graphics: Minimum: GPU: NVidia GeForce GTX 650 or ATI Radeon HD 7870 CPU: Intel Core 2 Duo E6600 @ 3.0GHz or AMD Phenom II X4 945 @ 3.0GHz RAM: 8GB DirectX: Version 9.0 Hard Drive: 63 GB Sound: DirectX compatible OS: Windows 7, 8, 10 Network: Broadband Internet connection Additional Notes: NVPathic: you must have a valid path to play the game with