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HD Online Player (36 Chambers Of Shaolin Full Movie In) ((BETTER))

HD Online Player (36 Chambers Of Shaolin Full Movie In) ((BETTER))


HD Online Player (36 Chambers Of Shaolin Full Movie In)

you can’t get a more american take on shaolin than jackie chan’s yuen woo-ping’s 1976 film, the big boss, in which a psychotic martial artist named chris lee takes on the shaolin temple. he eventually takes over the place himself and turns the monks into his personal thugs, but they’re still backed by a force of human fists, it’s just which set of strikes they use.

also worthy of noting is that the 36 chambers of shaolin has quite a bit of religious significance. the monks that visit pang qingyun are quite devout, noting many kung fu stories from the tang dynasty and attempting to use the shaolin to bring out the true essence of buddha. the temple itself is also a closely-guarded area of the most sacred shaolin teachings, and you’ll even find a holographic recording of its founding commander, hua xuan zong. (the recording is less actual part of the film and more part of a buddhist and shaolin legend, but it’s still nice to see it included.)

even though the film ends with an operatic recreation of the original 36 chambers, it ends with the message of the film made even more clear – you can find peace and solitude in any place that you desire. but in order to find true enlightenment, you will always have to give up something – anything.

the gameboy version of the excellent ps1 gameduke nukem for the nintendo system was a remake of the original game boy game, which told the tale of a young man left alone in the world thanks to the invention of a time traveling device that had gone awry. duke’s new adventure gave us the same sort of bright, cartoony visuals as the gba game, but with our hero duke in a 4-person plane from the future to fix the major historical blunders the time stream has been experiencing.

the original double dragon was a neat, simple arcade game that was one of the first great 2d fighting games. it was also the first fighting game made by the double dragon team (after leaving capcom), and the game showed the double dragon series’ unique blend of action, humor and heart. with the release of double dragon: the legend, double dragon was expanded to a full-blown 3d adventure game, complete with a storyline and gameplay modes not found in the original game. there were also a handful of extra playable characters (all designed by the team who worked on the original double dragon) and cool new combos. this is the game that started the tradition of “slow-motion” combos in fighting games. it was also the first game to include a “story mode” — an interactive story that followed the heroes’ quest across a few different levels and offered options for the players to control their gameplay. the long-running john madden football franchise already had half a decade’s worth of installments released by the time this particular sequel shipped to stores, but madden nfl ’94 represented a huge leap forward over those earlier games thanks, largely, to the fact that this was the year when madden actually got the nfl license. no longer were you in command of generic teams and faceless players, now you could actually be the dallas cowboys, buffalo bills, or green bay packers. madden ’94 had more than just the nfl license going for it, though, as its enhancements to gameplay were numerous and you could also finally play a full season’s worth of games if you liked an impossible feat in previous years. the end result was arguably the best madden released in the 16-bit era, and maybe the most retro-nostalgic installment in the entire series. 5ec8ef588b