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Even if you are an accomplished Photoshop user, there are still many good reasons to learn how to use an alternative image editing program. No bugs or spyware Adobe Photoshop has long been plagued with spyware that is integrated into the software for security purposes. Spyware is anything that runs in the background of your computer, collecting information about you, your actions, and the websites you are visiting. Adobe Photoshop has been the subject of countless articles where computers are hijacked by spyware when you are running the software. Anyone who uses Photoshop for long hours will see their desktop covered in blinking, annoying windows. New users are especially vulnerable to such spyware. Many users complain about spyware many times through the support section of Photoshop. Adobe typically responds that they had no idea they were there and they promise to find a way to block out spyware for every product. The Adobe software is prone to numerous problems that can damage your photos and data. This is why so many people want to transition to another program that is known for its stability and security. Convenience Adobe has a very good reputation as a graphic design firm. They are also a software company and they design some pretty cool things. But as any individual using a tool for a professional setting will tell you, some programs are easier to use than others. Learning Photoshop involves mastering the keyboard shortcuts and the program’s quirks. Those of you who have been using Photoshop long enough will probably have a list of the program’s shortcuts memorized. But if you are a beginner, it can be somewhat time consuming to learn the Photoshop keyboard shortcuts. It is probably easier to learn how to use an alternative such as Pixlr. (See “The 5 Best Photo Editing Apps for Beginners”) A solid alternative to Photoshop’s task-based interface is Pixlr. Clicking and dragging is used to move and edit objects. The object manipulation tools are very intuitive, and the program is equally as powerful as Photoshop. A smooth workflow For those who live life in a fast-paced world, and work full time, the programs that you need to perform the task of editing and producing are ones that you carry on your laptop or tablet. A fast program that you can work from can make or break the day for you, whether you are working on a home computer or a corporate laptop. Pixlr does not place the learning curve as high as Photoshop does. No one plans to have full time classes or

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This guide will help you to learn how to use Photoshop Elements. Here, we will learn about the Photoshop Elements 9 and later, as well as the differences between them. Learn how to create and edit images in Photoshop Elements Learning how to edit images is not difficult and it can be mastered within a few days. You will need to learn the shortcuts in the keyboard and you should also add some of the best methods on your own to simplify the editing process. Here are some of the best ways to edit images in Photoshop Elements. Shortcuts in Photoshop Elements You can open and close Photoshop Elements with the keyboard shortcut Cmd-O. The Arrange menu can be opened with the keyboard shortcut Cmd-Shift-Up Arrow. The menu items that you can add and remove from your images can be opened with the keyboard shortcut Shift-Alt-Up Arrow. The Photoshop Elements elements can be removed with the keyboard shortcut Cmd-Shift-D. The keyboard shortcuts to add new elements or items to your pictures are: To add text to an image, press Shift-Ctrl-T. To add a selection to your image, press Shift-Shift-V. To add a drop shadow to your image, press Shift-Ctrl-D. To add a frame to your image, press Shift-Ctrl-L. Add a texture to your image, press Shift-Ctrl-F. To open a resolution dialog box, press Shift-Ctrl-I. To add a font to your image, press Shift-Ctrl-J. To hide a font, press Shift-Ctrl-L. To add a filter to your image, press Shift-Ctrl-K. To remove a filter from your image, press Shift-Ctrl-M. To add a gradient to your image, press Shift-Ctrl-N. To add a warp effect to your image, press Shift-Ctrl-A. To remove a warp effect from your image, press Shift-Ctrl-Q. To add a bevel to your image, press Shift-Ctrl-B. To remove a bevel effect from your image, press Shift-Ctrl-R. To add a glow effect to your image, press Shift-Ctrl-Y. To remove a glow effect from your image, press Shift-Ctrl- 05a79cecff

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